The Pocket Guide to World History

San Marino. 301 St Marinus the Dalmation settles. 1463 expanded. 1600 Constitution. Oldest, smallest independent republic. [Read more ...]

San Martin, José de. 1778-1850. South American independence leader with Bolivar vs Spain in Argentina, Chile, Peru. [Read more ...]

San Remo Conference. 1920. Treaty of Sèvres. [Read more ...]

San Stefano, Treaty. 1878. Ended Russo-Turkish War. Independence for Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria. Congress of Berlin. [Read more ...]

Sancho III. c992-1035. King of Navarre 1000-. Unified Spain. Re-divided it in his will. [Read more ...]

Sanctuary, Right of. Established 4C Rome. England until 1623 (criminal), 18C (civil). Europe until 1789. Asylum in church for 1 month. [Read more ...]

Sand, George (Aurore Dupin). 1804-76. French writer. Lélia 1833. Mauprat 1837. [Read more ...]

Sand Creek Massacre. 1864. Settlers ignore truce flag, kill Cheyenne Indians. = Chivington Massacre. [Read more ...]

Sandburg, Carl. 1878-1967. US poet of the people. Chicago 1914. [Read more ...]

Sandinistas. 1962-. Nicaraguan Communist guerilla group vs Somoza. Governed 1980-89, despite US Funded Contra rebellion. [Read more ...]

Sandwich, Montagu, 4th earl. 1718-92. British politician. Invented sandwich 1762. [Read more ...]

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