The Pocket Guide to World History

Sandys, Edwin. 1561-1629. English parliamentarian. His ideas helped overthrow Charles I. [Read more ...]

Sangallo, Antonio da, the Younger. 1483-1546. Florentine architect. Rome’s Palazzo Farnese 1534-46. [Read more ...]

Sanger, Margaret. 1883-1966. US feminist. Jailed for birth control clinic 1916. [Read more ...]

Sanhedrin. -70. Jerusalem council of Jewish elders. [Read more ...]

Sannazzaro, Jacopo. 1456-1530. Italian humanist, poet. Arcadia 1504. [Read more ...]

Sansculottes. 1793-4. Radical French Revolutionaries. Demanded action of Convention vs counterrevolution. Terror. [Read more ...]

Sanskrit. Ancient, now sacred Hindu language. [Read more ...]

Sansovino, Jacopo. 1486-1570. Florentine sculptor, architect. Introduced High Renaissance to Venice. Library of St. Mark’s. [Read more ...]

Santa Anna, Antonio de. 1794-1876. Mexican general, president 1833~47. Defeated at San Jacinto, Mexican War. [Read more ...]

Santa Fe Trail. 1820-80. Major migration route from Missouri to New Mexico. [Read more ...]

Santander, Francisco. 1792-1840. Ally of Bolivar. President of New Granada 1833-7. [Read more ...]

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