The Pocket Guide to World History

Sackville, Thomas. 1536-1608. British dramatist. First English blank-verse tragedy. Gorboduc 1561. [Read more ...]

Sacre Coeur. Paris basilica built 1873-1910 by Abadie, at a cost of FF40 million. [Read more ...]

Sacred Wars. 6-4C BC. Greek city-states, for control of of shrine at Delphi. [Read more ...]

Sadat, Anwar al-. 1918-81. Egyptian president 1970- Aided Nasser’s 1952 coup. 1977 Addressed Israeli Knesset. Peace with Israel 1979. Camp David. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Sadducees. -70. Jewish priest class vs Pharisees. Followed Torah and not oral law. [Read more ...]

Sade, Marquis de. 1740-1814. French S&M writer. Jailed for immorality. 120 Days of Sodom 1785. [Read more ...]

Sa’di. c1213-1292. Classical Persian lyric poet. The Orchard 1257. [Read more ...]

Sadowa, Battle. 1866. Königgrätz. [Read more ...]

Safavids. 1501-1736. Moslem dynasty. Led Persia to power. Established Shi’a Islam as state religion. [Read more ...]

Saigo Takamori. 1827-77. Failed Satsuma Revolt, 1877 vs Meiji. [Read more ...]

Saint, Thomas. British sewing machine inventor, 1790. Singer. [Read more ...]

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