The Pocket Guide to World History

Saarinen, Eliel. 1873-1950. Finnish/US modern architect, teacher. Palace of League of Nations (Geneva) 1927. [Read more ...]

Sabah. 1888 British protectorate = North Borneo. 1946 British Crown Colony. 1963 Malaysia. [Read more ...]

Sabbah, Hasan-e. Founder of Assassins 1094. [Read more ...]

Sabbatal, Zevi. 1626-76. Jewish mystic. Failed march on Constantinople. [Read more ...]

Sabbatarians. Christians for strict observance of sabbath by all. Blue Laws. [Read more ...]

Sabellianism. 3C Christian heresy. Trinity is 3 manifestations of one Godhead. [Read more ...]

Sabines. Ancient Italian tribe whose women were seized by Romans as wives (legend). 290BC Conquered. [Read more ...]

Sacco-Vanzetti Case. 1921-7. Italian/US anarchists convicted and executed despite prejudiced trial. [Read more ...]

Sachs, Hans. 1494-1576. German shoemaker/poet, composed songs of commonplace. [Read more ...]

Sachs, Julius von. 1832-97. German discoverer of chlorophyll action. [Read more ...]

Sachs, Nelly. 1891-1970. German poet, Jewish spokesperson. [Read more ...]

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