The Pocket Guide to World History

Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de. 1900-44. French aviator, writer. Little Prince 1943. [Read more ...]

Saint-Gaudens, Augustus. 1848-1907. US sculptor. Farragut. Abraham Lincoln (Chicago). [Read more ...]

Saint-Just, Louis de. 1767-94. French revolutionary leader. Ally of Robespierre. [Read more ...]

Saint-Saëns, Camille. 1835-1921. French composer. Symphonic Poems. Carnival of Animals 1886. Samson et Delila 1888. [Read more ...]

Saint-Simon, duc de. 1675-1755. French courtier, writer of court life. Mémoires 1743. [Read more ...]

Saint-Simon, Henri de. 1760-1825. “Father” of French Socialism. Utopian writer. Organisateur 1820. Industry. New Christianity 1825. [Read more ...]

Sainte-Beuve, Charles. 1804-69. French critic: Causeries de lundi 1851-62. [Read more ...]

Saionji Kimmochi, Prince. 1849-1940. Japanese Prime Minister 1901~12. Tried to moderate militarism. [Read more ...]

Saivo. Lapp underworld. [Read more ...]

Sakharov, Andrei. 1921-89. Soviet physicist, human rights activist. Hydrogen bomb. Formed Committee for Human Rights 1970. [Read more ...]

Saladin. 1138-93. Egyptian sultan 1169-. Took Jerusalem, 1187, inciting Third Crusade. Began Ayyubid Dynasty. [Read more ...]

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