The Pocket Guide to World History

Rutherford, Ernest. 1871-1937. NZ/English physicist. Beta rays 1899, Nuclear theory of atom1911. [Read more ...]

Ruthven, Raid of. 1582. James VI of Scotland kidnapped by William Ruthven (1541-84). [Read more ...]

Rütli Oath. 3 Swiss cantons vow to rebel vs Austria. [Read more ...]

Ruyter, Michiel. 1607-76. Dutch admiral defeated British in Anglo-Dutch wars. [Read more ...]

Rwanda. -1962 Ruanda-Urundi. 1962 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Rye House Plot. 1683. Failed plot to kill Charles II and Duke of York. [Read more ...]

Rykov, Aleksey. 1881-1938. Russian Bolshevik leader. Opposed Stalin. Rehabilitated 1988. [Read more ...]

Rymer, Thomas. 1641-1713. English Neoclassical literary critic: attacked Shakespeare. [Read more ...]

SA. 1921-34. Brownshirts. Nazi force for breaking up rival party meetings. Purged on Night of Long the Knives. [Read more ...]

Saar. Former Palatinate. 1919 League of Nations mandate. 1935 Germany. 1945 French occupy. 1948 Autonomous. 1957 West Germany. [Read more ...]

Saarinen, Eero. 1910-61. Finnish/US experimental architect. St. Louis Gateway Arch 1948-65. [Read more ...]

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