The Pocket Guide to World History

Russian Revolution. 1905. Led to Duma, Constitution and end of Mir system. Police gradually regained authority. October Manifesto. Bloody Sunday. 1917 Feb: Liberal republicans overthrow Czar. Oct: Lenin’s Bolsheviks overthrow Kerensky’s Provisional Government, withdraw from WWI. [Read more ...]

Russian Social Democratic Party. 1898. Split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, 1903. [Read more ...]

Russification. Attempted conversion of local language and culture by settlement of large numbers of Russians. 19C Poland, Finland. 20C Kazakstan. Baltic. [Read more ...]

Russo-Finnish War. 1939-40. Russia gains territorial concessions. [Read more ...]

Russo-Japanese War. 1904-5. Unsuccessful attempt to limit Japanese Imperialism. A cause of Russian Revolution 1905. [Read more ...]

Russo-Polish War. 1919-20. Polish attempt to liberate Ukraine repulsed. [Read more ...]

Russo-Swedish War. 1614-17. Russia loses access to Baltic. 1741-3. Sweden cedes part of Finland. 1788-90. 1808-9. Sweden cedes Finland + Åland Islands. [Read more ...]

Russo-Turkish Wars. 16-19C. Russia gains Black Sea to Balkans from crumbling Ottoman Empire in 10 wars. Assist Serb, Romanian independence. Crimean War. [Read more ...]

Rutebeuf. 13C French trouvère, poet. Le Dit de l’Herberie. [Read more ...]

Ruthenia. 1321 Lithuania. 1772 Russ/Austria-Hungary. 1920 Czechoslovakia. 1939 Hungary. 1945 = Transcarpathian Ukraine (USSR). [Read more ...]

Ruthenian Church. 1594- = Uniate Catholic. Slavonic Roman Catholic. 1940 Allegiance changed to Russian Orthodox. [Read more ...]

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