The Pocket Guide to World History

Ruska, Ernst. 1906-88. German engineer. Electron microscope. [Read more ...]

Ruskin, John. 1819-1900. English writer and Pre-Raphaelite art critic. Social reformer. [Read more ...]

Russell, Bertrand. 1872-1970. English mathematician, liberal philosopher, logician, pacifist. Believed in human reason. Founded CND. Principles of Mathematics 1910-13. History of Western Philosophy 1945. [Read more ...]

Russell, Frances. 1593-1641. Covent Garden market. [Read more ...]

Russell, Henry. 1877-1957. US astronomer. Evolution of universe. Stellar Evolution 1929. [Read more ...]

Russell, John. 1792-1878. British Liberal Prime Minister 1846~66. Reform Bill 1832. [Read more ...]

Russell, Taze. 1852-1916. US founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. [Read more ...]

Russell, William. 1639-83. English Whig. Executed, then acquitted for Rye House Plot. [Read more ...]

Russia. 9C Slavs, Rus invade. 862-1598 Rurik dynasty. 1240 Mongol Empire of Golden Horde. 1462 Ivan the Great. 16C Unified. 1613 Romanov dynasty. 1917 Communist. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 1991 Russian Federation. CIS. [Read more ...]

Russian Campaign. 1812. Napoleon’s march on Moscow. 10,000 of 100,000 return. Grande Armée. [Read more ...]

Russian Civil War. 1918-22. Trotsky’s Red Army defeat White counter-revolutionaries. Baltic liberated. [Read more ...]

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