The Pocket Guide to World History

Rubinstein, Arthur. 1886-1982. Popular Polish/US pianist. [Read more ...]

Rublyov, Andrei. c1360-1430. Russian icon painter. [Read more ...]

Ruby, Jack. 1911-67. US killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. [Read more ...]

Ruche, La. the Beehive. Montparnasse Avant-garde artist residence and studio, 1900-30. Chagall. Léger. [Read more ...]

Rude, François. 1784-1855. French sculptor of public monuments. Marseillaise 1833-6. [Read more ...]

Rudolf. (Raoul). French king 923-36. Fought Normans and Hungarians. [Read more ...]

Rudolf. 1858-89. Heir to Austro-Hungarian throne. Died mysteriously. Declared a suicide. [Read more ...]

Rudolf I. 1218-91. First Hapsburg Emperor of Germany 1273-. [Read more ...]

Rudolf II. 1552-1612. Holy Roman Emperor 1576-. Ended toleration of Protestants. [Read more ...]

Ruffo, Fabrizio. 1744-1827. Cardinal. Led successfull rebellion vs Napoleon in Naples, 1799. [Read more ...]

Ruhr. German steel region. Occupied by France 1923-30. Heavily bombed in WWII. [Read more ...]

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