The Pocket Guide to World History

Royal Scots Guards. 1633. Oldest regular regiment in British Army. [Read more ...]

Royal Society. 1660. English publisher of scientific Philosophical Transactions since 1665. [Read more ...]

Royal Society of Arts. 1754. [Read more ...]

Royal Titles Act. 1876. Declared Victoria Empress of India. [Read more ...]

Royaume, Mother. Saved Geneva 1602 by pouring hot stew (and pot) on heads of Savoy soldiers. [Read more ...]

Royce, Henry. 1863-1933. Founded Rolls-Royce 1906. [Read more ...]

Royce, Josiah. 1855-1916. US Idealist philosopher. [Read more ...]

Ruanda Urundi. Batwa. Bahuta. 14C Watusi. 1897 German East Africa. 1916 Belgium. 1923 League of Nations mandate 1962 Independent. Rwanda, Burundi. [Read more ...]

Rubens, Peter Paul. 1577-1640. Flemish Baroque painter. Sensuous works. Descent from Cross 1611. Médicis cycle 1621-5. Peace and War c1630. [Read more ...]

Rubicon. Italian river crossed by Caesar to wage war vs Roman Senate 49BC. [Read more ...]

Rubinstein, Anton. 1829-94. Russian pianist, composer. Operas, concerti. Demon 1875. [Read more ...]

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