The Pocket Guide to World History

Roux, Jacques. -1794. Led Enragés. [Read more ...]

Rowell-Sirois Report. 1935-40. Recommended Federalism over Canadian provincial power. [Read more ...]

Rowlatt Acts. 1919. Suppressed liberties in British India led to Amritsar Riots, Noncooperation Movement. [Read more ...]

Rowley, William. 1585-1642. English actor, playwright. All’s Lost by Lust 1619. [Read more ...]

Roxana. -c311BC. Wife of Alexander the Great. Executed after his death. [Read more ...]

Royal Academy of Arts. 1768. 40 members. Based on Hogarth’s Society of Independent Artists. [Read more ...]

Royal Academy of Music. 1822. [Read more ...]

Royal Air Force. 1918. [Read more ...]

Royal Artillery. 1716. [Read more ...]

Royal Ballet. 1956. Academy of Choreographic Art 1926 + Sadler’s Wells 1930. [Read more ...]

Royal Hospital. 1685. Chelsea building by Wren. [Read more ...]

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