The Pocket Guide to World History

Romains, Jules. 1885-1972. French writer. 27 vol.Men of Good Will 1932-46. [Read more ...]

Roman Catholic Church. 30-. Branch of Christianity recognizing Pope as successor to St Peter. East-West Schism. Eastern Orthodoxy. Protestantism. [Read more ...]

Roman Empire. 27BC Augustus. 395 Split into Empire of the West and Eastern Roman Empire =Byzantine Empire. Rome. [Read more ...]

Roman Question. 1861-1929. Italy vs Papacy over control of Rome. Lateran Treaty. [Read more ...]

Roman Republic. 509-27BC. Roman Empire. Rome. [Read more ...]

Romance Languages. European languages deriving from Latin. [Read more ...]

Romanesque Architecture. 4-15C. Barrel vault. Plain. Massive piers. Masonry vaulting. Blend of Byzantine and Roman influences. Gothic. [Read more ...]

Romanesque Art. 11-12C Powerful imagery, grand conception. Fused Byzantine, Teutonic, Roman. [Read more ...]

Romania. Balkans. Dacia. 15C Ottoman. 1859 Moldavia+Walachia. 1878 Independent. 1918 + Bessarabia, Transylvania. 1940 -Bessarabia. 1947 People’s Republic. 1955 Warsaw Pact. 1989 Revolt. Ceausescu overthrown. [Read more ...]

Romanov. Russian dynasty 1613-1917. Michael. [Read more ...]

Romansh. Romance language spoken in Grison Canton of Switzerland. “National” language 1938-. [Read more ...]

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