The Pocket Guide to World History

Romantic. Period of music. c1800-1910. Sought freedom of expression. Instrumental virtuoso. Berlioz. Liszt. Schubert. Schumann. [Read more ...]

Romantic. Art. Expression of emotion more important than form or reality. Delacroix. Turner. [Read more ...]

Romantic. Literary movement. Nature, spirit and emotion. Subjective. Gothic novel. Hugo, Rousseau, Schiller. Wordsworth. Goethe. Scott. [Read more ...]

Romantic Movement. Reaction vs Enlightenment, French cultural domination. Native themes, individuality, subjectivity, self-expression. [Read more ...]

Romanticism. 18C Philosophical movement rooted in Pietism. Began in Germany. Spread across Europe in 19C. [Read more ...]

Romany. Indo-European language of Gypsies. No written form. [Read more ...]

Rome. 753BC Legendary founding by Romulus and Remus. 616BC Etruscan. 509BC Roman Republic. 27BC Roman Empire. 248 Empire of the West. 395 Byzantine Empire. 410 Visigoths sack Rome. 476 Romulus Augustulus deposed. 493 Ostrogoth. 535 Byzantine. 774 Charlemagne’s Empire of the West. 962 Holy Roman Empire. 11C Norman. 12C Hohenstaufen. 1848 Republic. 1849 Papal States. 1870 Italy. 1929 -Vatican. [Read more ...]

Rome, Treaty of. 1957. Established EEC, Atomic Energy policy. [Read more ...]

Rømer, Olaus. 1644-1710. Danish astronomer. Proved finite speed of light 1676. [Read more ...]

Rommel, Erwin. 1891-1944. German WWII Field Marshal in Africa 1941-3, France 1944. “Desert Fox”. Plotted vs Hitler. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Romulus. Twin brother of Remus. Suckled by a wolf, they built Rome. [Read more ...]

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