The Pocket Guide to World History

Rococo. Art and Architecture 1720-70. Last stage of Baroque. Shell shaped motif in ornamentation. Dainty, graceful, ornate, smiling. Watteau. Boucher. Fragonard. [Read more ...]

Roderick. -711. Last Visigoth king of Spain. Defeated by Saracens, killed. [Read more ...]

Rodgers, Richard. 1902-79. US musical comedy composer. Oklahoma 1943. South Pacific 1949. Sound of Music 1959. Hart. Hammerstein. [Read more ...]

Rodin, Auguste. 1840-1917. French sculptor: Thinker 1879-89. Balzac. Beethoven. Kiss 1886. Burghers of Calais 1884-6. Gates of Hell. [Read more ...]

Rodney, George. 1718-92. British admiral. Seven Years War. American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Rodó, José. 1872-1917. Uruguayan philosopher/writer. Ariel 1900. [Read more ...]

Roebling, John. 1806-69. US civil enginerer. First steel cable suspension bridges. Began Brooklyn Bridge. [Read more ...]

Rœntgen, Konrad. 1845-1923. German physicist, discovered X-rays 1895. [Read more ...]

Roger I. 1031-1101. Brother, ally of Robert Guiscard. Ruled Two Sicilies 1085-. [Read more ...]

Roger II. 1095-1154. Norman count of Sicily 1105-; First king 1130-54. Prosperity, culture. [Read more ...]

Rogers, John. 1500-55. English Protestant martyr. Published forerunner of King James Bible. [Read more ...]

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