The Pocket Guide to World History

Roberts, Frederick. 1832-1914. British Field Marshal. Afghan War. Boer War. [Read more ...]

Roberval, Gilles de. 1602-75. French physicist: balance 1670. Geometry of curves. [Read more ...]

Robespierre, Maximilien de. 1758-94. Jacobin extremist French revolutionary leader. Opposed Cult of Reason. Led Terror. Executed. [Read more ...]

Robin Hood. 13C Legendary English archer and outlaw, who robbed the rich to help the poor. [Read more ...]

Rochambeau, Comte de. 1725-1807. French commander, aided in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Rochdale. 1844 Pioneer cooperative. Owen. [Read more ...]

Rochefoucauld. LaRochefoucauld. [Read more ...]

Rochester, 2nd Earl. 1647-80. English satiric poet. History of Insipids 1676. Maim’d Debauchée. [Read more ...]

Rockefeller, John. 1839-1937. US oil millionaire, philanthropist. [Read more ...]

Rockingham, 2nd Marquess. 1730-82. British Prime Minister. Tried to make peace with American colonies. [Read more ...]

Rockwell, Norman. 1894-1978. US realistic painter of homey scenes. Saturday Evening Post covers. [Read more ...]

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