The Pocket Guide to World History

Ringling, John. 1866-1936. Circus impressario 1884. Bought Barnum and Bailey 1907. [Read more ...]

Rio de Janeiro, Treaty. 1947. US, Latin America mutual defence. [Read more ...]

Rio Salado, Battle. 1340. Major Christian victory in conquering Spain from Moslems. [Read more ...]

Ripley, George. 1802-80. US utopian. Brook Farm. [Read more ...]

Ripon, Treaty. 1640. Ended Bishops’ war between Scotland and England. [Read more ...]

Risorgimento. c1800-70 Movement for unified Italy. Young Italy. [Read more ...]

Ritter, Carl. 1779-1859. German founder of scientific geography. [Read more ...]

Ritter, Johann. 1776-1810. Polish/German discoverer of UV light. [Read more ...]

Rivas, Issac de. 1752-1828. Swiss inventor. Combustion engine, 1791. Automobile, 1802, carried 4 people and 1200 pounds of weight. [Read more ...]

Rivera, Diego. 1886-1957. Mexican mural painter. Murals at Rockefeller Center 1933. Kahlo. [Read more ...]

Rizal, José. 1861-96. Philippine writer/leader vs Spanish rule. Executed. [Read more ...]

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