The Pocket Guide to World History

Roanoke Colony. 1587. English colony of 117 settlers in Virginia disappeared. Raleigh. [Read more ...]

Rob Roy. 1671-1734. Scottish Jacobite outlaw, 1715. Helped poor at expense of rich. [Read more ...]

Robbins, Frederick. 1916-. US physician. Discovered polio virus with Enders, Weller. [Read more ...]

Robert, Charles. Paris balloonist 1783. [Read more ...]

Robert I. Duke of Normandy 1027-35. Father of William I. [Read more ...]

Robert II. 1054-1134. Duke of Normandy 1087-1106. Son of William I. Led First Crusade. [Read more ...]

Robert II. 1316-90. First Stuart King of Scotland. 1371-. [Read more ...]

Robert, Henry. 1837-1923. US writer. Robert’s Rules of Order 1876. [Read more ...]

Robert Guiscard. 1015-85. Norman. Conquered and founded Two Sicilies. [Read more ...]

Robert of Geneva. Clement VII, Antipope. [Read more ...]

Roberts, Charles. 1860-1943. Poet, “Father of Canadian literature”. Songs of the Common Day 1893. [Read more ...]

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