The Pocket Guide to World History

Rights, Bill of. 1689. Established power of British Parliament over taxes, laws, army. Protestant Succession. William and Mary. [Read more ...]

Rights, Bill of. 1791. First 10 amendments to US constitution. Freedom of religion, right to due process, counsel, bear arms, no self incrimination, cruel or unusual punishment, etc. [Read more ...]

Rights of Man, Declaration. 1789. Preamble to 1791 French constitution. Guaranteed representation, equality before law, property, freedom of religion, press, speech. [Read more ...]

Riis, Jacob. 1849-1914. Danish/US social reformer. How the Other Half Lives, 1890. [Read more ...]

Rijswijk, Treaty. 1697. Ended War of Grand Alliance. William III acknowledged. Territories restored. [Read more ...]

Riksdag. 1435-1865. Swedish parliament. [Read more ...]

Riley, Bridget. 1931-. British Kinetic Op artist. [Read more ...]

Rilke, Rainer. 1875-1926. Czech/Austrian writer: Duino Elegies 1922. Sonnets to Orpheus 1923. [Read more ...]

Rimbaud, Arthur. 1854-91. French Symbolist poet: Illuminations. Anticipated Freud’s ideas. [Read more ...]

Rimini Golden Bull. 1226. Frederick II grants sovereignty of Prussia to Teutonic knights. [Read more ...]

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai. 1844-1908. Russian Nationalist composer/orchestrator: Scheherezade 1888. Operas. [Read more ...]

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