The Pocket Guide to World History

Rhys, Ernest. 1859-1946. Welsh writer. Edited 983-volume Everyman’s Library series 1906-. [Read more ...]

Rialto. 1588. Venice bridge. [Read more ...]

Ribalta, Francisco. 1565-1628. Spanish painter. Light/dark color contrast. Christ Embracing St Bernard. [Read more ...]

Ribaut, Jean. 1520-65. French explorer to North America. [Read more ...]

Ribbentrop, Joachim von. 1893-1946. German Nazi foreign minister 1933-45. Hanged at Nuremberg. [Read more ...]

Ribbonism. 1860-85. Irish agrarian secret societies vs Orange Society. Banned 1871. [Read more ...]

Ricardo, David. 1772-1823. British economist. Principles of Political Economy and Taxation 1817. [Read more ...]

Ricci, Matteo. 1552-1610. Italian Jesuit missionary to China. [Read more ...]

Rice Riots. 1837. Japan. Famine led to riots, reform. [Read more ...]

Richard I. Lion Heart. 1157-99. King of England 1189-. Led Third Crusade. Captured and ransomed. [Read more ...]

Richard II. 1367-1400. King of England 1377-99. Artistic, erratic, egocentric. Deposed. [Read more ...]

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