The Pocket Guide to World History

Rhea. Greek fertility goddess. Mother of most gods. [Read more ...]

Rhee, Syngman. 1875-1965. First South Korean president 1948-60. Campaigned for Independence from Japan. [Read more ...]

Rhine, Confederation of. 1806-13. Bavaria and German states with constitution in French model. [Read more ...]

Rhine Uprising. 1301-2. Vs tolls. [Read more ...]

Rhineland. German Rhine bank. Hitler defied Treaty of Versailles by militarizing area 1936. [Read more ...]

Rhodes. <1000BC Minoan. Dorian. 5C BC Delian League. 43BC Rome alliance. 653 Saracen. 1309 Knights of St John. 1522 Turks. 1912 Italy. 1947 Greece. c1C BC School of rhetoric. [Read more ...]

Rhodes, Cecil. 1853-1902. English colonialist in South Africa. Endowed Oxford scholarship to preserve Empire. [Read more ...]

Rhodesia. Zimbabwe. Malawi. [Read more ...]

Rhodesia, Northern. = Zambia. [Read more ...]

Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Federation. 1953-63. Opposed by Malawi, Zambia regions. Dissolved. [Read more ...]

Rhuddlan, Statute. 1284. English rule Wales. [Read more ...]

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