The Pocket Guide to World History

Richard III. 1452-85. King of England 1483-. Murdered (?) nephews in tower. Killed at Bosworth by Henry VII, ending War of Roses. [Read more ...]

Richard. 1209-72. English. King of the Romans 1256-71. [Read more ...]

Richardson, Dorothy. 1873-1957. English stream of consciousness novelist. Pilgrimage 1915-38. [Read more ...]

Richardson, Samuel. 1689-1761. English novelist using personal letters. Influenced novel form: Pamela 1740 Clarissa 1747 (at 1M words, the longest English novel). [Read more ...]

Richelieu, Cardinal. 1585-1642. French politician 1624-. Built power of Louis XIII. [Read more ...]

Richler, Mordecai. 1931-2001. Canadian novelist of human dilemmas. Duddy Kravitz 1959. [Read more ...]

Richmond, Virginia. US Confederate capital 1861-5. [Read more ...]

Richter, Hans. 1843-1916. Hungarian conductor. Brahms, Wagner expert. [Read more ...]

Richthofen, Manfred von. 1892-1918. WWI German air ace. Downed 80 Allied planes. [Read more ...]

Ricimer. -472. Roman general. Defeated Vandals, deposed Emperor. [Read more ...]

Rickenbacker, Eddie. 1890-1973. US WWI flying ace. [Read more ...]

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