The Pocket Guide to World History

Revera, Miguel Primo de. Primo de Revera, Miguel. [Read more ...]

Revere, Paul. 1735-1818. Silversmith. American Revolution hero. 1775 Midnight ride warned militia of British troops marching on Concord. [Read more ...]

Revisionism. Criticism of tenets of Marxism by Bernstein, Tito. [Read more ...]

Revivalism. 18,19C. Revival of prior periods of English architecture. Neo-Greek, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic. British Museum. [Read more ...]

Revolutionary Tribunal. 1793-5. French Terror court. [Read more ...]

Revolutionary War. American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Revolutions of 1848. Vienna, Prague, Venice. Romanticism, economic problems, bad harvest, unrest within Austrian Empire led to concessions, abdication of Emperor Ferdinand I. [Read more ...]

Reynaud, Paul. 1878-1966. French Prime Minister, imprisoned by Vichy French. [Read more ...]

Reynolds, Joshua. 1723-92. English expressive portrait painter: Mrs. Siddons. Miss Nelly 1760. Founder, Royal Academy 1768. [Read more ...]

Reza Shah Pahlevi. Pahlavi. [Read more ...]

Rhaetia. Roman alpine province conquered 15BC. [Read more ...]

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