The Pocket Guide to World History

Respighi, Ottorino. 1879-1936. Italian composer. The Pines of Rome 1924. Used recorded sound as part of composition. [Read more ...]

Restitution, Edict. 1629. HRE restores lands to Roman Catholic Church taken by Protestants since 1552. [Read more ...]

Restoration. 1660. English Monarchy reinstated following Protectorate. 1791 French Revolutionary Wars. [Read more ...]

Restoration Period. England 1660-88. Charles II, James II. France 1814~30. Louis XVIII, Charles X. [Read more ...]

Resurrection. Key Christian belief that Jesus rose from dead. [Read more ...]

Resurrectionists. 1826-30. Provided bodies for anatomists by grave-robbing or murder. Scotland. [Read more ...]

Retz, Cardinal de. 1613-79. French politician, writer, Fronde leader. [Read more ...]

Retz, Gilles de. 1404-40. French Marshal. Joan of Arc companion. Tortured, killed 140 children. Model for Bluebeard. [Read more ...]

Reuchlin, Johannes. 1455-1522. German. Christian. Created Hebrew grammar. [Read more ...]

Reunion Is. 1513 Portugal discovers. 1638 French claim. 1665 French settle. 1810 British. 1814 French. 1947 French Overseas Department. [Read more ...]

Reuter, Paul. 1816-99. German telegraphic press pioneer, 1851. Pigeon post 1850. [Read more ...]

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