The Pocket Guide to World History

Regulating Act. 1773. To control East India Company’s administion of India. [Read more ...]

Regulator Movement. 1764-71. American colonists in NC vs tax, corruption. [Read more ...]

Rehoboam. -c914BC. Last king of united Israel. First king of Judah. [Read more ...]

Reich, First. Term applied retroactively to HRE by Bruck. [Read more ...]

Reich, Second. 1871-1918. German Empire under Kaisers William I, II. [Read more ...]

Reich, Third. 1933-45. Germany under Hitler. [Read more ...]

Reich, Wilhelm. 1897-1957. German/US psychiatrist. Theory of Orgone, a force which permeates the body and is released by orgasm. [Read more ...]

Reichskammergericht. 1495-1806. Supreme Court of Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Reichstag. Ruling body of HRE and German states. = Imperial Diet. [Read more ...]

Reichstag Fire. 1933. Arson. Hitler blamed “red peril” as excuse for assuming dictatorship. [Read more ...]

Reims Cathedral. 1211. Germans sign surrender 1945. [Read more ...]

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