The Pocket Guide to World History

Régence. c1700-30. Decorative arts style: Transition from heavy, linear to Rococo. Watteau. [Read more ...]

Regency. 1800-30. Georgian Classicist architecture with tinge of exotic from the Empire. Stucco facing on brick. Nash. Soane. Hope. Sheraton. Decorative Arts: Neoclassical, Egyptian motifs. [Read more ...]

Regency. England. 1811-20. George, Prince of Wales ruled for insane father, George III. [Read more ...]

Regency. France. 1715-23. Philippe, duc d’Orléans regent for Louis XV. [Read more ...]

Regicides. 1649. Those who condemned Charles I. 10 executed 1660. [Read more ...]

Reginald of Châtillon. -1187. Crusade leader. Broken truce led to new war. Kingdom of Jerusalem lost. [Read more ...]

Regiomontanus. 1436-76. German astronomer. First modern exposition of trigonometry. Decimals 1467. [Read more ...]

Registers, Parish. 1308 France. 1538 England. [Read more ...]

Regium Donum. 1690~1869. Grant from monarch to Nonconformist ministers in Britain. [Read more ...]

Régnier, Mathurin. 1573-1613. French satirical poet. [Read more ...]

Regula, St. 3C Zurich martyr. [Read more ...]

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