The Pocket Guide to World History

Reinsurance Treaty. 1887-90. Secret Russian-German pledge of non-intervention. [Read more ...]

Reis, Philip. 1834-74. Invented and demonstrated telephone 1861. Coined telephony. Bell. [Read more ...]

Relativism. Truth depends on the state of the observer relative to the observed. [Read more ...]

Relativism, Ethical. What is right depends on what society or individual thinks is right. [Read more ...]

Relativity. Einstein’s theories that space and time are not absolute. Special 1905. General 1916. [Read more ...]

Religion, Wars of. 1562-1598. Eight French wars between Catholics and Protestants. Ended by Edict of Nantes. Sully. Mornay. Three Henrys War. [Read more ...]

Relocation Centers. 1942-6. US confines Japanese, Japanese-Americans in Concentration Camps. [Read more ...]

Remak, Robert. 1815-65. Cell division 1852. [Read more ...]

Remarque, Erich. 1898-1970. German/US writer. All Quiet on the Western Front 1929. [Read more ...]

Rembrandt van Rijn. 1606-69. Dutch painter of bold realism. Chiaroscuro. Engraver. Antomy Lesson 1632. Night Watch 1642. [Read more ...]

Remington, Frederic. 1861-1909. US artist of western subjects. [Read more ...]

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