The Pocket Guide to World History

Red Hat Rebellion. 1622. Power struggle of Tibetan Buddhists. Yellow Hats prevail. [Read more ...]

Red River Colony. 1812 Selkirk. Wars vs Métis -1821. 1836 Hudson Bay Co. 1870 =Manitoba. Riel. Seven Oaks. [Read more ...]

Red River Rebellion. 1869-70. Métis fail in self-determination bid. Riel. [Read more ...]

Red Shirts. 1930. Non-violent anti-British movement in NW India. [Read more ...]

Redi, Francesco. 1626-97. Italian naturalist. Maggots from fly eggs, not spontaneous generation, 1668. [Read more ...]

Reed, John. 1887-1920. US communist writer. Ten Days that Shook the World 1919. [Read more ...]

Reed, Walter. 1851-1902. Discovered, 1900, connection between Yellow Fever and mosquito, control of which allowed the Panama Canal to be built. [Read more ...]

Reform Bills. England. 1832: Russell redistributes Parliamentary seats, enfranchises renters. 1867: Disraeli enfranchises workers in towns. 1884: Gladstone enfranchises agricultural workers. Representation of People Acts. [Read more ...]

Reform Judaism. 19C. German movement vs Orthodox ritualism. [Read more ...]

Reforma. 1854-76. Mexican civil war. Ouster of Santa Anna. Reduced power of army, church. Tejada Law. Juárez. [Read more ...]

Reformation. 16C religious movement against practices of Roman Catholic church led to founding of Protestant churches. Luther. Calvin. Knox. Zwingli. Henry VIII. [Read more ...]

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