The Pocket Guide to World History

Pueblo Rebellion. 1680. Pueblo Indians expel Spain from New Mexico -1692. [Read more ...]

Puerto Rico. Taino. 1493 Columbus discovers. 1508 Spanish colony. 1898 US (Spanish American War). 1998 rejects statehood. [Read more ...]

Pufendorf, Samuel von. 1632-94. German historian/jurist. Universal natural laws. [Read more ...]

Pugachov, Yemelyan. 1726-75. Russian. Led peasant rebellion vs serfdom 1773-5, impersonating Peter III. [Read more ...]

P’u-i, Henry. 1906-67. Last Chinese Emperor. 1908-12. Japanese puppet Emperor of Manchukuo 1934-45. Interned by Soviets in Siberia 1945-50. Reeducated by Communist Chinese. Pardoned 1959. Mechanic. From Emperor to Citizen 1980. [Read more ...]

Pulitzer, Joseph. 1847-1911. Hungarian/US publisher. Endowed prize awarded since 1917. [Read more ...]

Pullman Strike. 1894. Chicago. Broken by troops, injunction. National boycott call. Debs. [Read more ...]

Punic Wars. 264-241BC Rome gains Sicily from Carthage. Mylae. 218-201BC Rome defeats Hannibal attack, gains Spain. 149-146BC Rome destroys Carthage. [Read more ...]

Punjab. Aryan. c518BC Persia. 326BC Macedonia. c324BC Mauryan. c320 Gupta. 8C Moslem. 1206 Delhi. 16C Mogul. 1764 Sikh. 1849 Britain. 1947 Pakistan(W)/India(E). 1984 Amritsar Assault. [Read more ...]

Purcell, Henry. 1658-1695. English chorale composer. First English opera. Dido and Aeneas 1689. King Arthur 1691. Fairy Queen 1692. [Read more ...]

Pure Land Buddhism. 4C China, Japan. Followers of Buddha saviour Amitabha (Amida, O-mi-t’o). Paradise for invoking his name. [Read more ...]

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