The Pocket Guide to World History

Ptolemy I Suter. c366-283BC. Ruled Egypt 323-; king 305-. General of Alexander the Great. [Read more ...]

Ptolemy II. 308-246BC. Egyptian king 285-. Made Alexandria a cultural center. Built Pharos. [Read more ...]

Ptolemy XIV. c59-44BC. Last Macedonian king of Egypt 47-. Brother, co-ruler with Cleopatra. [Read more ...]

Ptolemy XV. Caesarion. 47-30BC. Egyptian king 44-. Son of Caesar and Cleopatra. Killed by Octavian. [Read more ...]

Public Safety, Committee. 1793-4. Ruled France during Terror. [Read more ...]

Public Weal, League of. 1465. French nobles ally vs Louis XI. [Read more ...]

Public Works of Art Project. (PWAP) 1933-4. New Deal. Gave work to unemployed artists. WPA. [Read more ...]

Puccini, Giacomo. 1858-1924. Popular Italian naturalist opera composer: La Boheme 1896. Tosca 1900. Madame Butterfly 1904. [Read more ...]

Puck. Medieval English mischievous fairy. [Read more ...]

Puebla, Battles. 1862 Mexican guerillas humiliate French army. “Cinco de Mayo”. 1863 French victorious, Maximilian. [Read more ...]

Pueblo. US intelligence ship siezed 1968 by North Korea. [Read more ...]

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