The Pocket Guide to World History

Purge. 1936-8. Stalin’s trials to eliminate political rivals with fabricated charges. 3 million dead. Executions, forced labour, internal exile. [Read more ...]

Puritanism. 16-17C. English Calvinist movement to purify church of Catholic and political elements. Valued hard work, education, thrift. [Read more ...]

Pusey, Edward. 1800-82. English. Led Oxford Movement. [Read more ...]

Pushkin, Aleksandr. 1799-1837. Russian Romantic writer. Russia’s “Shakespeare”: Boris Gudonov 1825. Eugene Onegin 1823/4. Exiled 1821~6. [Read more ...]

Putnam. American General at Bunker Hill. “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” [Read more ...]

Pydna, Battle. 168BC. Romans defeat, divide Macedonia. [Read more ...]

Pygmalion. Greek sculptor who fell in love with statue he made. [Read more ...]

Pym, John. 1583-1643. English Puritan. Led Long Parliament. Civil War. [Read more ...]

Pyramids. c2686-2160BC. Oldest of Seven Wonders. [Read more ...]

Pyramids, Battle. 1798. Napoleon wins access to Cairo. [Read more ...]

Pyramus and Thisbe. Legendary Babylonian lovers of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. [Read more ...]

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