The Pocket Guide to World History

Provisors, Statutes of. 1351, 1390. Limited pope’s power in England. [Read more ...]

Prud’hommes, Councils. Medieval French trade tribunals revived by Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Prud’hon, Pierre. 1758-1823. French painter. Crime and Justice 1808. [Read more ...]

Prussia. 1226 Teutonic Knights. 1466 «Poland. 1525 Duchy of Poland. c1660 Independent. 1701 Kingdom. 1772-95 +NW Poland. 1871 Dominated German Empire. 1919 Weimar(W)/ Poland(E). 1933 Germany(W). Bismarck. [Read more ...]

Pruth, Treaty. 1711. Ends Russo-Turkish War. Turkey regains territory. [Read more ...]

Przhevalsky, Nikolai. 1839-88. Russian explorer of Tibet, Mongolia. [Read more ...]

Psamtik I. -610BC. Pharaoh 664-. Reunited Egypt. Ended Assyrian rule. [Read more ...]

Psyche. Beautiful girl, loved by Cupid. Symbolized soul. [Read more ...]

Psychophysical Parallelism. Mind and body run on synchronized clocks started by God, but do not interact. Guelinex. [Read more ...]

Ptah. Egyptian creator god. =Hephaestus. [Read more ...]

Ptolemy. c140. Alexandrian. First cartographer. Promoted Hipparchus’ geocentric theory of solar system. Copernicus. Columbus studied his Geography. [Read more ...]

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