The Pocket Guide to World History

Protectorate. Sovereign state with agreement for protection from stronger state. [Read more ...]

Protectorate. 1653-9. English government after Civil War by Instrument of Government. Cromwell. [Read more ...]

Protestant Succession. 1701. English Act of Settlement. [Read more ...]

Protestant Union. 1608-21. German princes vs reimposition of Catholicism. [Read more ...]

Protestantism. Christian doctrine based on faith instead of church dispensations. Reformation. Presbyterianism. Calvin. Luther. [Read more ...]

Proteus. Greek sea god who assumed any form he wished. [Read more ...]

Protogenes. c300BC. Classical Greek painter. [Read more ...]

Proudhon, Pierre. 1809-65. French Anarchist Socialist: “Property is theft.”-What is Property? 1840. “Government is the Scourge of God”. Systèmes des Contradictions Économiques 1846. [Read more ...]

Proust, Marcel. 1871-1922. French novelist: Remembrance of Things Past 1914. [Read more ...]

Provençale. Southern French dialect of Occitan. Mistral. [Read more ...]

Provence. 6C BC Greeks settle. 121BC Rome. 5C Visigoth/Burgundy...Ostrogoth. 6C Frank. 1246 Angevin. 1486 France. [Read more ...]

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