The Pocket Guide to World History

Prohibition. 1920-33. US 18th Amendment. Alcoholic drinks illegal. Repealed by 21st. Temperance Movement. [Read more ...]

Prohibition Party. 1869-. US political party promoting Prohibition. [Read more ...]

Prokofiev, Sergei. 1891-1953. Russian Romantic opera and symphony composer, pianist. Strong folk element. Peter and the Wolf 1936. [Read more ...]

Proletariat. Marxist term for those who live by the sale of their labour. Bourgeoisie. [Read more ...]

Prometheus. Titan who made man of clay and gave him life, stole fire from the gods for him. Chained to a rock to have an eagle eat his liver daily. Freed by Hercules. [Read more ...]

Propertius, Sixtus. c47BC-15 AD. Roman poet of elegies. [Read more ...]

Prophet. Old Testament Hebrew spiritual leader, divinely inspired spokesperson. Muhammad, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jesus. [Read more ...]

Prophet, the. c1768-1834. Shawnee leader, Tecumseh’s brother. Blamed for Tippecanoe. [Read more ...]

Propogation of the Faith, Congregation. 1622. Catholic Cardinals responsible for spreading the faith. [Read more ...]

Protagoras. c485-411BC. First Greek Sophist. “Man is the measure of all things”. “Truth is subjective to each person”. Exiled c415-. [Read more ...]

Protectionism. Levying of import duties to make domestic production more competitive. 1337 England. 1870s Germany creates Depression. 1930 US deepens Depression. List. Smoot-Hawley. [Read more ...]

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