The Pocket Guide to World History

Privateers. 13-19C. Pirates licensed by letters of marque to plunder enemy vessels. Drake. Hawkins. [Read more ...]

Privatization. 1980s. Sale to public of government enterprises. Nationalization. [Read more ...]

Privy Council. English monarch’s principal advisers. Little power since 17C. [Read more ...]

Proclamation of 1763. Limited settlement west of Appalachians to appease Indians. [Read more ...]

Proclus. 410-485. Greek Neoplatonist philosopher: opposed Christianity. [Read more ...]

Procopius the Great. c1380-1434. Bohemian leader in Hussite War. [Read more ...]

Procrustes. Greek robber. Adjusted victims to his bed length by stretching or cutting. [Read more ...]

Profumo Affair. 1963. British War Minister Profumo and Christine Keeler, who also associated with Soviet attaché. Embarassed government. [Read more ...]

Progressive Bloc. 1915-17. Russian liberals urging reforms. [Read more ...]

Progressive Conservative. 1854-. (Named 1942) Major Canadian political party. Bennet. Diefenbaker. [Read more ...]

Progressive Party. 1912,24 Dissident US Republicans. 1948 Dissident Democrats. [Read more ...]

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