The Pocket Guide to World History

Price, Harry. 1881-1948. Famous British medium debunker. Wrote about the most haunted house in England, but faked it. [Read more ...]

Pride’s Purge. 1648. Removal of 143 Presbyterian royalists from Parliament. Rump Parliament. [Read more ...]

Priestley, Joseph. 1733-1804. English chemist: isolated Oxygen 1774, 9 other gasses. [Read more ...]

Prim y Prats, Juan. 1814-70. Spanish. Helped overthrow Isabella 1868. [Read more ...]

Prime Minister. =Premier. Head of parliamentary government under the head of state (monarch or president). Walpole (1721-42) considered first British Prime Minister. Richelieu 1624 France. Chancellor. [Read more ...]

Primitivism. Naive art by primitive peoples, children, or as an adopted style. Rousseau. Grandma Moses. [Read more ...]

Primo de Rivera, Miguel. 1879-1930. Spanish fascist dictator 1923- by coup. Ended Moroccan War 1927. [Read more ...]

Primogeniture. Right of eldest son to inherit. Prevented dilution of wealth of aristocracy. [Read more ...]

Prince of Asturias. 1379-. Title of heir apparent to Spanish throne. [Read more ...]

Prince Rupert’s Land. Hudson Bay drainage area, NW Territory. [Read more ...]

Prior, Matthew. 1664-1721. English epigrammist/poet: City Mouse and the Country Mouse. [Read more ...]

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