The Pocket Guide to World History

Presbyterianism. 16C-. System of church organization sharing power between clergy and congregation. Calvin. Knox. Episcopacy. Congregationalism. [Read more ...]

President. Chief executive officer of most Republics. [Read more ...]

Presley, Elvis. 1935-77. US singer of rock, folk, gospel, and country music. 28M records sold. Heartbreak Hotel 1956. [Read more ...]

Pressburg, Treaty. 1805. Austria loses in Napoleonic Wars. Cedes land to France. [Read more ...]

Prester John. Legendary Christian ruler of vast lands in Africa or Asia. [Read more ...]

Preston, Battle. 1648. Cromwell defeats Charles I last forces in English Civil War. [Read more ...]

Pretoria Convention. 1881. Transvaal self-government under British suzerainty. [Read more ...]

Pretorius, Andries. 1798-1853. Boer leader of Great Trek. Aided in Transvaal independence. [Read more ...]

Pretorius, Marthinus. 1819-1901. First president of South African Republic 1857-71, president. Orange Free State 1859-64. [Read more ...]

Priam. Last king of Troy. Father of Paris, Hector. [Read more ...]

Priapus. Priapic Greek fertility god. [Read more ...]

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