The Pocket Guide to World History

Pratt, E.J. 1883-1964. Canadian Nationalist poet. Brébeuf and his Brethren 1940. [Read more ...]

Pravda. 1021. Russian law code. [Read more ...]

Pravda. 1912. Newspaper of Russian Communist Party. [Read more ...]

Praxiteles. 4C BC. Greek classical sculptor: Aphrodite c350. Hermes. Showed humanity of gods. [Read more ...]

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. 1848-53. British painters vs Royal Academy. Advocated return to simple classical naturalism. Painted with bright colors on white vs dark tones of the time. Rossetti. Millais. Hunt. [Read more ...]

Preachers, Order of. = Dominicans. [Read more ...]

Predestination. Christian doctrine that God has pre-ordained who will be saved. Calvinism. [Read more ...]

Preemption Act. 1841-91. US law allowed squatters on government land to buy 160 acres. Homestead. [Read more ...]

Prefect. Roman civil servants delegated Consul’s power. [Read more ...]

Prehistoric. Period of Greek Art. 1500-1000BC. Mycenaeans created massive stone works, painted vases, bronze ornaments. [Read more ...]

Preminger, Otto. 1906-86. Austrian/US film director, producer. [Read more ...]

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