The Pocket Guide to World History

Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges. 1438-61. France limits power of pope. [Read more ...]

Pragmatism. 19-20C. Philosophy emphasizing experiment and practical utility. Pierce. James. Dewey. Schiller. [Read more ...]

Prague, Battle. 1757. Austria defeats Prussia in Seven Years War. [Read more ...]

Prague, Peace of. 1635. Ends Swedish phase of Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Prague, Treaty of. 1866. Ends Austro-Prussian War. Schleswig-Holstein to Prussia. [Read more ...]

Prague Spring. 1968. Czech reforms face Soviet intervention. Dubcek. [Read more ...]

Praguerie. 1440. French nobles rebel vs Charles VII. [Read more ...]

Prairial, Law of 22. 1794. France allowed only acquital or death penalty in trials. Terror. [Read more ...]

Prakrit. Family of Indic languages from which Indo-Aryan springs. [Read more ...]

Prandtl, Ludwig. 1875-1953. German “father” of aerodynamics. [Read more ...]

Prasad, Rajendra. 1884-1963. First president of Indian Republic 1950-62. [Read more ...]

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