The Pocket Guide to World History

Potato War. =Bavarian Succession. [Read more ...]

Potemkin. Russian battleship, 1905 mutiny. [Read more ...]

Potemkin, Grigori. 1739-91. Russian Field Marshal. Supported Catherine II. [Read more ...]

Potidaea. 432BC. Revolt vs Athens. Second Peloponnesian War. [Read more ...]

Potsdam Agreement. 1945. Truman, Stalin, Attlee agree to draw up peace treaties, reduce German industrialization, restore democracy in Europe after WWII. Outlawed Nazism. Divided Germany. [Read more ...]

Pottawatomie Massacre. 1856. John Brown’s abolitionists kill 5 pro-slavery settlers. [Read more ...]

Potter, Beatrix. 1866-1943. English children’s story writer. Peter Rabbit 1900. [Read more ...]

Poujadism. 1954-8. French extreme right-wing political movement founded by Poujade. Gained tax concessions. [Read more ...]

Poulenc, Francis. 1899-1963. Modern French composer. Les Six. [Read more ...]

Pound, Ezra. 1885-1972. US poet/translator of Oriental and Provençale poetry. Pisan Cantos. Pro-Fascism led to incarceration in an asylum 1946-58. [Read more ...]

Poussin, Nicolas. 1594-1665. French Neoclassical painter. Strong pictorial emotional works. Arcadian Shepherds 1638/55. Rape of the Sabines 1636-7. [Read more ...]

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