The Pocket Guide to World History

Portsmouth, Treaty. 1905. Russia recognizes Japan in Korea, returning Manchuria to China. [Read more ...]

Portugal. Iberians, Celts. 5-4C BC Greek colony. c225BC Carthage(S). 2C BC Rome. 411 Suevi. 5C Visigoth. 711 Moor. 868 Christian(N). c1060 León. 1143 Independent kingdom. 1250 Moors expelled. 1500 +Brazil. 1580 Spain. 1640 Independent. 1820 Constitutional Monarchy. 1822 -Brazil. 1910 Republic. 1932 Salazar dictator. 1976 Democracy. [Read more ...]

Portuguese Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. [Read more ...]

Poseidon. Greek god of the sea. = Neptune. [Read more ...]

Poseidonius. c135-51BC. Greek Stoic philosopher. Explained tides 79BC. [Read more ...]

Positivism. Knowledge based on senses alone. Personal knowledge. Natural laws lead to social engineering to secure a happy society. Comte. Mill. Spencer. Logical Positivism. [Read more ...]

Post, Emily. 1872-1960. US writer. Etiquette 1922. [Read more ...]

Post, Wiley. 1899-1935. US aviator. First solo flight around world 1933. [Read more ...]

Post-Impressionism. -1910. Modern art movement of solid color and forms as a reaction to Impressionism. Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin. [Read more ...]

Post Office. 1840. England penny post begun. [Read more ...]

Post-Romantic. Music style of late 19C, early 20C. Exaggerated Romanticism. Mahler. Schoenberg. [Read more ...]

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