The Pocket Guide to World History

Powell, Enoch. 1912- British Conservative politician vs EEC, immigration. [Read more ...]

Powers, Francis Gary. 1929-77. US pilot in U-2 incident. [Read more ...]

Powers, Hiram. 1805-73. US Neoclassical sculptor. Greek Slave 1843. [Read more ...]

Powhatan. c1550-1618. American Indian chief. Pocohantas’ father. Co-op. with settlers. [Read more ...]

Powhatan War. 1622-44. Indians attack settlers in Virgina, Maryland. Reprisals nearly wipe out tribe. [Read more ...]

Powys, John. 1872-1963. English writer: Wolf Solent 1929. [Read more ...]

Poynings Laws. 1494. Irish Parliament Acts put English Laws in effect. [Read more ...]

Poznán Riots. 1956. Polish workers strike for bread and freedom. 53 killed by Russian troops. Led to new regime, Hungarian Uprising. [Read more ...]

Praetorian Guard. 27BC-312. Roman Emperor’s guard. Only military allowed in Rome. [Read more ...]

Praetorius, Michael. 1571-1621. German choral composer. Musae Sioniae 1605-10. Syntagma Musicum 1615-19. [Read more ...]

Pragmatic Sanction. 1713. Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI declares Maria Theresa as heir causing War of Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

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