The Pocket Guide to World History

Port Arthur. Chinese port. 1894 Japan. 1895 China (Shimonoseki Treaty). 1898 Russia. 1904 Japan. 1945 USSR/China. 1955 China. [Read more ...]

Porta, Gianbattista della. 1558 Telescope. [Read more ...]

Porte, Sublime. Constantinople Ottoman government. [Read more ...]

Porte St-Denis. Paris. 1672. Celebrates Louis XIV’s victories on the Rhine. [Read more ...]

Porte St-Martin. Paris. 1674. Commemorates the capture of Besançon. [Read more ...]

Porter, Cole. c1893-1964. US composer/lyricist. Kiss Me Kate 1948, Can Can 1953. [Read more ...]

Porter, David. 1780-1843. US. Captured first British warship of 1812 war. [Read more ...]

Porter, Edwin. 1869/70-1941. US filmmaker. First dramatic editing -Great Train Robbery 1903; First US documentary -The Life of an American Fireman 1903. [Read more ...]

Porter, Katherine. 1890-1980. US writer. Ship of Fools 1962. [Read more ...]

Porter, William Sidney. O Henry. [Read more ...]

Portland, William Bentrick, Duke of. 1649-1709. Dutch/English statesman. Boyne. Treaty of Rijswijk. [Read more ...]

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