The Pocket Guide to World History

Pompeii. Destroyed 79 by Vesuvius eruption. Rediscovered 1592. [Read more ...]

Pompeius, Sextus. 67-35BC. Pompey’s son. Fought Caesar after father’s death. [Read more ...]

Pompey. 106-48BC. Roman triumvir with Caesar and Crassus; defeated by Caesar. [Read more ...]

Pompidou, Georges. 1911-74. French statesman, Prime Minister 1962-68, President 1969-. Fifth Republic Constitution. [Read more ...]

Pompidou Centre. Beaubourg. 1972-7. Architects: Rogers and Piano. Paris modernistic art and activity center. [Read more ...]

Ponce de León, Juan. 1460-1521. Spanish discoverer of Florida 1513. Sought fountain of youth. [Read more ...]

Poncelet, Jean. 1788-1867. French mathematician. Projective geometry. [Read more ...]

Pondicherry. 1674. French colony. 1954 joined India. [Read more ...]

Pont-Aven. 1886-88. School of Synthesism led by Gauguin. [Read more ...]

Pont d’Avignon. 12C-1680. Built after divine command to shepherd, St Bénézet. [Read more ...]

Pont de la Concorde. Paris. Built 1787-91 from stones of Bastille so people could forever trample ruins. [Read more ...]

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