The Pocket Guide to World History

Poltava, Battle. 1709. Russia defeats Swedish invasion, becomes a power. Northern War. [Read more ...]

Polyanov, Peace. 1634. Poland receives Smolensk for recognizing first Romanov czar, Michael. [Read more ...]

Polybius. c200-118BC. Greek historian. 40 vol History of Rome. [Read more ...]

Polycleitus. 5C BC. Classical Greek sculptor. Proportion and rhythm. Spear Bearer. [Read more ...]

Polycrates. -522BC. Samos tyrant c535-. Aided Persians vs Egypt. [Read more ...]

Polygnotus. c500-440BC. Classical Greek painter. [Read more ...]

Polyphemus. Cyclops blinded by Ulysses. [Read more ...]

Polytheism. Belief in multiple gods. [Read more ...]

Pombal, Marquês de. 1699-1782. Portuguese. Led reconstruction after 1755 Lisbon earthquake. [Read more ...]

Pomerania. Baltic area including Danzig. Independent duchy 11-17C. [Read more ...]

Pompadour, Mme de. 1721-64. Louis XV’s intelligent, beautiful mistress. Built École Militaire. Sponsored Petit Trianon, Place de la Concorde. [Read more ...]

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