The Pocket Guide to World History

Pont Neuf. 1578-1607. Oldest surviving Paris bridge. [Read more ...]

Pont Notre-Dame. Originally the Great Bridge in Roman Paris. Rebuilt in 1413 by Normans. First numbered houses in Paris. [Read more ...]

Ponte Vecchio. 1345. Florence. First segmented arch bridge in West. [Read more ...]

Pontiac. c1720-69. American Indian chief. Led revolt vs British 1763-6. [Read more ...]

Pontus. 3C-66BC. Asia Minor kingdom conquered by Rome. [Read more ...]

Pony Express. 1860-61. Missouri-California mail delivery. Cody. [Read more ...]

Poole, William. 1821-94. US. First library periodical index. [Read more ...]

Poor Law Commission. 1842. Chadwick recommends municipal clean water supply and sewage systems to prevent disease. [Read more ...]

Poor Laws. 1597, 1601, 1834. British parishes to aid poor, establish workhouses, abolish slavery. Replaced 1930-50. [Read more ...]

Pop Art. 1950-. Movement drawing from popular culture. Warhol. Lichtenstein. [Read more ...]

Pope. Head of Roman Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome. Considered the infallible vicar of Christ. [Read more ...]

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