The Pocket Guide to World History

Polish Campaign. 1939. German invasion begins WWII. [Read more ...]

Polish Corridor. 1919-39. Baltic territory dividing east Prussia from Germany. Nazis invade 1939. [Read more ...]

Polish Succession, War of. 1733-38. Russia, Austria defeat Poland, France, Spain; place Augustus III on throne. [Read more ...]

Polish Uprising. 1863. January Insurrection. [Read more ...]

Politburo. 1917~. Soviet governing body, arm of Communist Party. Abolished by Stalin 1952-66. [Read more ...]

Politian. 1454-94. First vernacular Italian poem 1475. [Read more ...]

Polk, James. 1795-1849 US Democratic president 1845-. Oregon Question. Mexican War. “54°40' or fight”. [Read more ...]

Pollaiuolo, Antonio del. 1431/2-98. Florentine bronze sculptor, painter. Pioneered dissection in anatomy. Hercules and Antaeus 1470s. Martyrdom of St. Sebastian 1475. [Read more ...]

Pollock, Jackson. 1912-56. US abstract expressionist painter. Dripped paint on canvas. [Read more ...]

Polo, Marco. c1254-1324. Venetian traveller to China 1275-92.Travels of Marco Polo 1298. [Read more ...]

Pol Pot. 1925-98. Cambodian Communist Khmer Rouge leader. Arrested 1997. [Read more ...]

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