The Pocket Guide to World History

Poincaré, Henri. 1854-1912. French mathematician. [Read more ...]

Poincaré, Raymond. 1860-1934. French president 1913-20, Prime Minister 1912~29. Conservative nationalist. Occupied Ruhr. [Read more ...]

Pointilism. 1880. Style of dotted art invented by Seurat. Neo-Impressionism. [Read more ...]

Poisons Affair. 1679. French scandal. Nobles using love potions and poisons from fortune tellers. Mme de Montespan implicated. La Voisin. Brinvilliers. [Read more ...]

Poitiers, Battle. 732. Charles Martel halts invasion, saving Europe from Moslem rule. 1356. Edward the Black Prince defeats and captures John II. Brétigny Treaty. [Read more ...]

Poland. c2000BC Slavs settle. 9C Tribes unite. 966 =Poland. Mieszko I. 1038 Piast dynasty. 1386 +Lithuania. 1572- Kings elected, weak. 1772,93,95. Partitioned by Russia(E), Austria(SW), Prussia(NW). 1815 Congress Kingdom (Russia). 1918 Independent republic. 1926 Dictatorship. 1939 Germany/Russia occupy. 1941 Germany. 1945 Independent. 1947 Communist. 1952 People’s Republic. 1989 Free elections. Solidarity. [Read more ...]

Poland, Partitions of. 1772 Russia, Prussia, Austria take a third each. 1793 Russia, Prussia invade to restore conservative rule. 1795 After revolt, Austria, Prussia, Russia. divide remainder. [Read more ...]

Pole, Edmund de la. 1472-1513. Yorkist claimant to British throne. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Pole, John de la. c1464-91/2. Yorkist claimant to British throne. Killed in battle. [Read more ...]

Pole, Reginald. 1500-58. Archbishop of Canterbury. Opposed Reformation. [Read more ...]

Polignac, Auguste de. 1780-1847. French minister to Charles X. Disolved Chamber of Deputies, causing July Revolution 1830. [Read more ...]

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