The Pocket Guide to World History

PLO. Palestine Liberation Organization. [Read more ...]

Plombières Agreement. 1858. Napoleon III agrees to support Cavour (Piedmont) vs Austria in return for Savoy and Nice. [Read more ...]

Plotinus. 205-270. Greek philosopher. His Neoplatonism influenced Islam, Christianity. Quest for Good through intelligence. “Creation is fall from God. Evil is the nature of man. Good is freedom from senses.” [Read more ...]

Plutarch. c50-119+. Greek/Roman biographer and moralist. Influenced Rousseau. Parallel Lives. [Read more ...]

Pluto. Greek underworld king = Hades = Orcus = Pater Dis. Planet discovered by Tombaugh, 1930. Disney dog named after planet, 1931. [Read more ...]

Plymouth Colony. 1620 Founded by Pilgrims in New England. Massachussets Bay Company. [Read more ...]

Plymouth Rock. 1620 landing site of Mayflower. [Read more ...]

Pobedonostev, Konstantin. 1827-1907. Russian. professor, tutor to Alexander III, Nicholas II. Pro-autocracy. “Parliaments are the great lie of our time.” [Read more ...]

Pocahontas. c1595-1617. American Indian friend of colonists. Saved John Smith, married Rolfe. [Read more ...]

Poe, Edgar Allan. 1809-49. US poet and horror story writer: Tales of the Grotesque 1840. Murders in the Rue Morgue 1841. The Raven 1845. [Read more ...]

Pogrom. Attack on minority, usually Jews, sanctioned by government. 1881~1906 Russia. 1261 London. Poland, Germany during Hitler regime. [Read more ...]

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