The Pocket Guide to World History

Plautus. c254-184BC. Roman comic poet: Amphitryon. [Read more ...]

Plebeians. -287BC. Roman common citizens. Patricians. [Read more ...]

Plehve, Vyacheslav. 1846-1904. Russian official. Forced Russification. Pogroms vs Jews. [Read more ...]

Pleiad. c280BC Alexandrian tragic poets. [Read more ...]

Pléiade, La. 16C. French Renaissance poets, aimed to enrich French language. Ronsard, Bellay, Belleau, Jodelle, Dorat, Baïf, Tyard. [Read more ...]

Pleiades. 7 Greek mythological daughters of Atlas, became constellation. [Read more ...]

Pleistocene. c2,500,000-8,000BC. Ice Age. [Read more ...]

Plekhanov, Georgi. 1857-1918. Russian revolutionary tried to reconcile Bolsheviks, Mensheviks. [Read more ...]

Plimsoll, Samuel. 1824-98. English reformer. Defined ship loading mark. [Read more ...]

Pliny the Elder. 23-79. Roman naturalist. Died investigating Vesuvius eruption.Historia Naturalis. [Read more ...]

Pliny the Younger. c62-113. Wrote letters of Roman life. [Read more ...]

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