The Pocket Guide to World History

Planck, Max. 1858-1947. German physicist. Defined energy quantum 1900. [Read more ...]

Plantagenet. 1154-1485. English dynasty. Lancaster, York. Angevins. Geoffrey. [Read more ...]

Plantagenet, Richard. Duke of York. 1411-60. Protector during king’s insanity, 1454. Claims to succession led to War of Roses. [Read more ...]

Planudes Maximus. 1260-c1310. Byzantine monk. Edited Greek Anthology of prose and poetry 1302. [Read more ...]

Plassey, Battle. 1757. British conquer Bengal. [Read more ...]

Plata, La. 1776-1910. Spanish viceroyalty in South America. Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay. [Read more ...]

Plataea, Battle. 479BC. Persians driven from Greece by Pausanias. [Read more ...]

Plateresque. 16C Spanish architectural style. Intricate, heavy ornamentation. [Read more ...]

Plato. c428-347BC. Greek philosopher, disciple of Socrates’ Dialogs. Free-will. Republic. “There exist absolute truths. Mind imprints its idea on matter. Mind has always existed and seeks to free itself from matter and return to God.” Founded Academy c387. Symposium c384. Apologia c399. Quest for good will lead to harmony in the world. [Read more ...]

Platonism. Perceptions approximate an ideal reality of eternal ideas. [Read more ...]

Platt Amendment. 1901. US law/agreement governing relations with Cuba. Cuba broke agreement 1934. [Read more ...]

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